Violence and youth in the region

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In the following article you will be able to see how the violence among youth is manifested in society and the causes for the occurrence of aggression and violence. Aggression in children is evolving from an early age, later it increases in school and grew into violence, verbal and physical, then is expressed through the community and also historically violence is passed on generations in the creation of stereotypes and speech of hate against other nations.

Keywords: violence; aggression; youth; region; stereotypes; political parties


Youth is very important for the whole community. It is the basis, raw materials, from family, society, media, schools and process changes, thereby to form a young person. The way to deal with youth today largely is not good. Specifically, the school is a monopoly of ideologies that are propagated by the state teachers, and further to the students. To enable students to progress they approve these ideas and good except the ocean, get yourself as building and personality without his opinion. After finishing school they become young, educated person without his or her opinion, without a personal attitude and without the knowledge of the social order in which they live. Therefore, while under the influence of society in which they move, become part of one political party, thinking that they make their career advancement, others become depressed because they can not find jobs – and later the depression turns into aggression, and the third are satisfied because their families helped to find work and they remain the same opinions and views them and their families. A small number of outstanding experts in their field find a job and builds further – these people are the intellectual elite, but not elite, what is considered to be positive in Serbia. Root of the problem is not in society, but the state authorities and politicians. These are people who should be the absolute model for young people, both moral and career, because I think the state should run by people who know how to do their job-experts. Unfortunately, the problem starts with the selection of personnel in political parties, who, when they come to power in society impose its value system. For the life of a man is changed to 15 government and I think the confusion of what people can find? Ask what I should be to finally get a job? What should I be doing to accept in society? And finally, what should I be to finally „swim” in the system? Now, when adults asked these questions, what you just said young people? There are few people that when access to a particular political party seeking the party’s program, the ideology on which it is based. All inputs and friendship rule the old adage: Who is going where – rather than his own (to help). Youth instills the idea of ​​there party, hatred for others, the struggle for „national interest“, the struggle for power ... From all this we see that the issue very clearly the causes of violence, the state social order and domestic violence for youth learning.

Family influence on aggression

There was a difference in the behavior of children who are at risk for the occurrence of conduct disorder compared to the group of children who do not are at risk. Children from risk groups are more aggressive, socially rejected and exhibit characteristic patterns of behavior for which they considered anti-social environment, aggressive, disturbed. As we know from experience, the family greatly influence the development of young people and their morality. Morality is of great importance for the development of emotionally mature and stable personality. Family influences on the development of the child opinion, to a large extent the formation of values in children. Many theorists believe that the person who wants to behave according to moral principles, must have set on your self in a sense of moral values and beliefs, and that motivation to be moral and to behave morally should be an integral part of understanding and accepting yourself. In order to remain moral in a society which does not operate such a system of values? I think that as long as I in any way influenced the family to the child, biger factor is a social community, and that the young person accepts the majority opinions in forming his personality. Therefore, aggression, does not matter if a person comes from risky group or not, is becoming increasingly manifested in dealing young people to other people, way of talking, the way things ... I’ll give access an example of a test that shows a very good way of thinking of children at risk group I from normal families. Aim of this study MSc Milica Pejovic, kid doctor of psychiatry, in her paper „Comparison of aggressive and socially adapted to children moral development and acceptance of yourself“ cultivated the data obtained from children from primary schools that answer questions about the ideal self, real self and undesired self. The ideal self refers to the self that they want to achieve, real self refers to self by which children describe themselves as being a side-self, the self that children would never have wanted to achieve. Noted that the differences in moral reasoning and self acceptance among children who are at risk and others. „Of the 70 respondents, after using the Scale for the Assessment of aggression and social adaptation, indicated by 47 respondents for interviewing. Selected were those children whose scores in the aggressive or pro-social characteristics was above 58% in one of these dimensions. With complete information, ready to assess the stages of moral development and acceptance of self was at the end of the 36 respondents.”1 Conclusions: the ideal self is conceptualized as an element that represents the environmental motivations and goals of the individual, and means of self-specific aspirations for the future. As it develops, can be a source that allows the person control her behavior, I can play a key role in determining the moral dimension of one self.2 Aggressive children have less developed the image of your desired future self in socially adapted than children. It may be that children who are not successful in achieving socially acceptable position, trying various ways to get to this position, so that aggressive behavior and it is one of the ways to acquire any social reputation. Since this behavior goes to social isolation, or association of such children into groups of those with similar behavior (eg, She who often start a fight) to void the isolation and deprivation manifest low-level Ideal self. Social group adapted a number of characteristics used to describe their unwanted self, than to aggressive groups of respondents. In the early stages of age, unsolicited self describes the stereotypical way (do not want to be criminals, drug addicts, etc.)… It is very likely that the side-self, clearly defined and categorized, play an important role in the inhibition of potential antisocial behavior.

As we can see from the accompanying, the family greatly influences the child to develop his personality, setting moral standards, building a system of values, as well as the development of aggression.

Violence at school

It is generally known that there is violence in school among students. This is manifested in two ways: verbally or physically. In earlier periods of childhood violence among children is physically and later reserves and the form but there is verbal abuse and bullying (one of the more recent term). The violence is reflected in the behavior of students in class when a student makes a mistake and the others laugh at him and later tell them ugly things, to the mass fights in the bathroom. Students are being punished, but not enough, so these things are repeated. It happened that I came to the killings in schools, among students. In contrast to physical violence, verbal violence is increasingly spreading. It becomes popular to one student or more out of the company – the group I always teased, ridiculed and humiliated in public, just because they are different or have different opinions than others. These people are discriminated against and this is largely not punished. The biggest problem is discrimination against minorities in schools. These students are being rejected because of different cultures, customs, appearance and behavior.3 Closed upon itself, with some depression occurs I do not want to anyone to gather more, they want to change school because of rejection or psychologist can no longer help them, I created a very unhealthy environment dominated by violence. Students in the group do not realize how much harass individuals because they were nice while inflicting upon others – show up in society as very important. In such a way children grow up in an unhealthy environment, unhealthy thoughts and unhealthy value system, because the entire community later faced with the problems and violence of individuals.

Violence in the community

Youth are managed for the most part the path of the entire society. Society in which young people are moving impose her value system that has the community, and now of it depends on whether it will accept. Basically a social community composed of people who think like that I have a similar value system. Therefore, when a new person is to join the group, must fit in the middle and largely accepted rules of functioning of the community (meetings, the same reasoning, the same political views etc..). If the new person has not encountered such views before, it gets scared and puzzled, he feels a lost, but eventually accepts the same positions for the purpose of existence. It is precisely in this way creates a „obedient“ in a state of society. In order to demonstrate the level of democracy, there are opposition parties that the same principle I discourage people „learn“ with a new value system, how the ruling party destroyed the entire order as a failed state because of them, the hole society a great sacrifice, and so on. This new man in the party creates an illusion and he wants to believe, and in time these ideas are becoming ideas of new person, he is a big sacrifice and that his opposition party to help you come to power. This is a great delusion. People want to believe in something, it is natural, and when they destroy the system supposedly, they are disappointed, aggressive, violent, I want to fight the system. Opposition parties in Serbia educate its members in a spirit of revolution, but in a very bad way. They create the illusion of satisfaction and then they die in the law that will „extract“ the state destroyed by the government, and when the members of the wake from sleep problem arises. Aggression becomes larger, they are still in place and fight for his party and for her ideas, and are amazed. Event is a fight in the election campaign with members of other parties – unions, rallies, where everything is reduced to insulting leaders of other parties and these parties for their own ascent ... Everything is a pointer to a continuous manifestation of violence in political parties. Regular meetings of party leaders impose their values, instills the idea that all apparently accept because in fact I do not know what all this leads and what it actually does, and create hatred towards members of other parties – create stereotypes. A major problem in the parties, and I in the state, is because people are not educated in the current political situation, the ideas are presented in the wrong way because no one has enough patience to explain to people where these ideas hand, tolerance is propagated only through words, and not by works, creates stereotypes, hatred of the neighbors with which Serbia was at war ... In short, violence is everywhere and always propagate, and the hidden ways that can not be observed without thinking about it. It is the youth, the group which is easy to manipulate, which is pliable and which is easily managed. Youth of the party show how many members that party has. Young people will not ask for anything in return, as will young people continue to hope that when the party came to power to get their piece of the pie and that their efforts and investments pay off in the party. It is a natural reflection, because each of us wants to believe in something, wants to hope, wish to have the power and has a comfortable existence. But if every young person gets the job and the party realize his expectations?

Violence in the region

In the region of present-day human behavior and thinking is very much contributed to history. The turbulent history of the Balkans and ex-YU countries has left many consequences of the generations. Always come back to our roots, wars, conflicts and disputes with neighbors. When we look at historical facts, in this region was a lot of violence, the war conflicts in Serbian Krajina in 1995, war conflicts in the Republic of Serbian in 1992, NATO bombing of Serbia in 1999 under the title „Angel of Mercy“ because of the autonomous provinces of Kosovo and Metohija. As we can see in the war were killed many civilians and soldiers on both sides and contributed to creating a greater hatred among peoples. It is very difficult to love our fellow countrymen who killed someone close to us, but is it normal to get so much hate and suffering because of that bilateral relations between our countries? Is it right that the few people who manage these countries then suffer generation? Why not just put an end to a tumultuous history, all that happened and move on into the future? We can cooperate but we must not forget what has happened, this is normal. It creates unnecessary aggression among young people who are members of different nations that accumulate, and grow in hatred and eventually cause a revolt. Let me give an example that happened two years ago: A group of high school in Belgrade set off on an excursion in the Czech Republic where they met a group of high school in Vukovar, emerged arguing, singing derogatory songs about the war members of the opposing nation, stoning, all the teachers to quietly observe I did not want to cooperate with the other side. 4However, we can not condemn a lot of students because they really are so mannered and violence, and as I have seen in school, they wanted to defend their country, to be great patriots, unfortunately in a very wrong way. This whole event could end in a different way, because we are neighbors, we know the same language, they could communicate enter into new acquaintances, but there, what caused the ill-breeding and aggression. Whenever you mention some of the countries with which Serbia was at war, young people react immediately with plenty of prejudice and negative, and that is the same for people from other countries. The problem is that generalizes the nation when I hear the word Croat or Bosniak immediately is something negative, which is absolutely insane. We can not think the same things about entire nation and about a few people who wanted to achieve what I was actually in our region. A major problem, which does not educate the youth of our countrymen, not educate about prejudice and stereotypes, and do not educate about tolerance. It should actually take place in the family, schools and media, but it is not happening. Young people are guided by the stories told – told, believe in stereotypes and to manage them. They need a complete paradigm shift. In every nation there are good and bad people, but we must not identified with the nation of its leaders, because they do not actually know how they came to power and what they advocated in their state. You first need to resolve the problem in our countries, and only then to look at and criticize others. In my opinion the biggest problem is poor education. When you have a mass of uneducated people is easily navigated you to your purpose, I modify it instills in you the value system and your thinking. Therefore, the first thing should be done is to improve education, rigorously suppress any form of violence, verbal or physical, and to educate young people in a European spirit.


As could be seen in this article I tried to explain the cause of the emergence of aggression, to be educated in the spirit of violence, where all the violence there, as violence permeates everywhere and at all times, why is there and how stereotypes are manifested in violence ... expression of human misery in a region that is increasingly spreading. Namely, to suppress violence by state authorities, but not to the extent it should, it must be more rigorous and violent behavior must be shown to the people as extremely negative and above all, punishable. Children are taught from childhood to violence through the hitting their friends if your child take toys, speech ugly word, and all that later grew into the dozens, hate speech, insulting ... Therefore, we need to educate young people in the European spirit, to learn the true values to educate them about violence and tolerance, respect for diversity and to teach them how to become good people who will be an example to others, because it is most important. I hope that we will joint efforts, work and the union will be able to achieve something that will be generations after us and be proud of quality people who will properly manage the states.


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2 We found the children die from an aggressive group of patients had a lower level of the Ideal of the self rather than socially adapted groups.
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4 This has a sufficient indicator of how much intolerance and expressed how much hate speech among nations. Students have reacted so because they are so mannered, they are the years that were not born when he was a war, and so behave.

MARIJA JELIC – Member of the Center for Strategic Projects. I am one of the author and coordinator of the project “Dealing with the Past - Building the future” financed by European Christian Political Movement. I was the guest in opening ceremony of School for Young Leaders of the President of the Republic of Macedonia in August 2011 in Ohrid, Macedonia. I am a participant of the European Schools which is organized of the Belgrade Open School, 2011. I Attend Lady Talent School under the auspices of the City of Belgrade and the Serbian National Assembly for talented pupils of Belgrade.




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